Custody by Mandate

Several years back, the Louisiana Legislature created the Provisional Custody by Mandate. This form allows a parent to delegate parental authority over his/her child to a third party in the following areas: (a) consent to seek medical care or treatment for the child; (b) enroll the child in school; (c) discipline a child; and (d) perform all other such acts as may be necessary for the shelter, support, and general welfare of the child. The Provisional Custody by Mandate is revocable by the parent at any time and is valid for up to one year. The form does not have to address all four areas. For example, if a child goes to Florida on vacation with his/her best friend, the form may be used to provide the traveling parents with consent to seek medical treatment for the child in the case of an emergency. The following link will direct you to the Provisional Custody by Mandate form. Our office is eager to assist you in anyway possible should you have any questions. Click here to view the Provisional Custody by Mandate form on the Louisiana State Legislature…

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